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Pressure reduction stations automation has become a necessity for accurate processing, testing, and analyzing Gas industry process. NATGAS, therefore, delivers total solutions to the entire field of the Gas reduction industry, from process control to data management. We provide high quality instrumentation solutions, and advanced customer support that enhance plant's process and our products’ quality. We, also, ensure safety, and comply with environmental legislation, enabling GAS distribution organizations to increase operational efficiency, and business performance while using state-of-the-art equipment. Our support includes design, engineering, and implementation of solutions.

NATGAS has a fully integrated Real-time monitoring SCADA system which provides total visibility into every step of the Gas Pressure Reduction process, with no more inefficiency and human error, and huge number of end-to-end reporting tools that delivers the ability to manage and measure each process attribute.

NATGAS has acquired a substantial experience in addressing various applications, such as Gas transportation, and Gas distribution. Our RTUs interface with all signal types, cover a wide range of I/O counts, and transmit through different communication protocols. The RTU ensures efficient remote communications, control, and data acquisition.

PLCs help businesses to automatically control their applications for continuous or discrete processes. In addition, they offer possibilities of integration with other systems.

NATGAS believes in the importance of managing and monitoring all the ancillary systems like the Cathodic Protection System, and by using a group of up-to-date programming tools NATGAS developed a highly consistent Cathodic Protection Monitoring System. Our CPMS aims to provide the end user with a friendly & secure web interface containing all the required means to:

Add new areas of cathodic protection test points.

Add test points details for each area.

Add test points readings.

Generate various types of charts and reports to help you to diagnose his cathodic protection system.

Generate automatically report to the desired accountable persons

Generate NCRs to any abnormal condition in the cathodic protection system

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