Property and Appliance Survey

Detailed P&A (Property and Appliance) Survey for all properties located in areas designated for gas connection, this survey shall clearly and in details identify the following:
  • Serial Numbering (CRN) of each customer and property. This CRN is typed on each building and stuck on a self-adhesive paper on each apartment or flat. CRN’s are clearly identified for each property on sectorized landscape survey maps.
  • Nature of each customer or property (commercial, domestic or commercial equivalent to domestic), Number and type of appliances, and the equivalent gas load for all customers in standard cubic meter per hour estimated by professional surveyors. 
  • Customers Classification: Status of each customer or property relative to gas connection, such as “under construction (UC)”, “no gas (NG)”, “refuse gas (RG)”, “no access (NA)” ……etc.
  • Determine the External & Internal Installations Routes