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NATGAS is a leading company in implementing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in producing digital gas network maps .The GIS system is linked to a central database that contains detailed data for customers, pipelines, materials and all other data types involved in the natural gas network design and operation. The database is linked at the same time with the network Design software. This technique leads to fast and accurate production of different types of maps and helps to reach the optimum network analysis and design for natural gas networks.

GIS is used to integrate our business data with geography for better analysis and decision making. It serves as a powerful framework for gas utilities during an emergency. It helps producing relevant content and incident action plans, assess damage, and share information.

Engineering and Design process

GIS optimizes the engineering and design process for gas utilities by providing a platform that integrates all relevant information. 

Engineers create GIS-based designs on top of datasets such as satellite imagery, land use, parcels, and planned infrastructure.

GIS allows predicting development areas and design appropriately for future system requirements. Through GIS, NATGAS meets growing customer demands while preemptively addressing problems and reducing project risks.

Main responsibilities include but not limited to:

Assuming responsibility for setting / reviewing plans, construction and bid documents and cost estimates.

Involvement in different phases of projects.

Preparing all design reports/maps issued to the EGPC/ EGAS and other authorities.

Preparing material take off (Quantity & Specification) for distribution & transmission Networks.

Liaising with construction team to ensure cost effective designs are produced.

Ensuring the application & design of the International Codes.

Participating in new projects feasibility studies.

Ensuring compliance with safety plans and environmental aspects. 


Software used in Design and GIS

In the development and modeling of distribution network, Software plays a very vital and important role. It involves extensive studies and conceptual modeling. The following describes its key features.

SynerGee  gas (Natural gas network analysis).     
Geomedia professional 6.0.                                                
Sierra soft Geomatics (civil, surveying, mapping and GIS software).    
Microsoft access database. 

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