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Social Responsibility

NATGAS’ commitment to contribute to sustainability and CSR was announced by end of year 2003. We have focused on the societal function of CSR regarding issues impacting communities in our operation. We adopted social welfare programs that could create sustainable benefit to the community.

Awareness Campaigns

Our objective is to increase safety awareness among our stakeholders through provision of Safety awareness campaigns to school children in areas of our operation. Road & Home Safety Presentations are organized for school children including tours in our PRS to provide proper awareness of natural gas and different aspects of safety. 

Society Development Projects

NATGAS organizes and participates in various development programs in co-ordination with NGOs in our concession areas. We furnish schools and orphanage houses with their needs for development. We also participate and organize summer programs to assist in the development of school children and to train and follow up juniors in different fields to find better job opportunities when they graduate.

Youth-Trainig-at-Hand-Made-Carpets-Factory Youth-Training-at-Arab-Contractors Youth-Training-at-Mohm-Office-Furniture-Factory Youth-Training-at-Rich-Bake-Factory
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