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NATGAS believes that only through commitment and leadership it can achieve its goals for better Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). The company puts safety first and feels obliged to raise awareness of the importance of HSE among its customers and the communities in which it operates. We consider HSE to be an important prerequisite for the survival and sustainability of the company

HSE Commitments:

  • We comply with the laws and regulations of Egypt and International Standards.
  • We are people-oriented, put prevention first, and strive to achieve the objective of no injuries, no pollution and no accidents. 
  • We protect the environment, save energy, promote clean production, and strive to achieve sustainable development. - We continuously improve the HSE management. 
  • We consider the HSE performance and achievements to be an important basis on which the decisions about awards, punishment, engagement and employment are made. 
  • We carry out HSE training, and cultivate and maintain the HSE culture of the company. 
  • We honestly publicize our HSE performance and achievements. 
  • We hold a constant attitude towards HSE anywhere and anytime.

We seek to achieve the objective of no injuries, no pollution and no accidents, and to reach the internationally advanced level of HSE management in the industry.

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